Bird is the word – Joe

Our trip to the Blue Mountains was really good. It was great to get away and spend some quality time with the family. Sadly though, it wasn’t very good photography wise. The weather wasn’t the best. It was rainy, windy and generally quite overcast. We did have a sulphur-crested cockatoo visit us on the back porch and I managed to get a couple of photos. That was the extent of it bird wise on that trip.

Bird  (1)

Bird  (2)

The following week saw us heading to Taronga Park Zoo for a day out. Once again it was quite overcast but we did get some patches of sunshine throughout the day. This gave me a better opportunity to try and get some bird shots. The walk through aviaries were great as this puts you inside with all the birds around you in naturalistic settings. In some cases they were inside cages and trying to get shots through the bars proved a little problematic. I only managed the one shot through the bars which I thought came out OK.

After playing around with the focus and depth of field for a while I managed to photograph this Andean Condor through the bars.

Bird  (3)

Apart from the Pelican, which was out in the open, the rest of the photos were taken in the walk through aviaries. I stood around for a while to try and photograph them in the most natural poses that I could. I also tried to get them in what appears to be a natural surrounding so in some cases a little cropping was necessary.

Bird  (10)

Bird  (9)

Bird  (8)

Bird  (7)

Bird  (6)

Bird  (5)

Bird  (4)

Bird photography is definitely something that I want to pursue more and hopefully get a lot better at.

Thanks for looking.

My name is Joe. I have a wife and two kids. I am a Security Manager in a high rise building in the city.

3 thoughts on “Bird is the word – Joe

    • Thanks zartan. Camera was Canon EOS 60D with a 100 mm to 300 mm lens. It’s quite an old lens but still takes good pictures. All the shots were taken in aperture priority mode with no flash and hand held.

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